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Duration:   10  mins

Jacob’s Ladder is a fun knitting technique that gives you an insanely deep texture – it almost looks like a cable, but it is not! The pattern shown is a six row repeat but once you get the hang of how it works, you can insert a Jacob’s Ladder into all kids of knit projects. To knit the swatch – Cast on 24. Row 1 (WS): K6, p12, k6. Row 2: Knit across. Row 3: K6, p12, k6. Row 4: Knit across. Row 5: K6, bind off 12 purlwise, k to end. Here is a video on the purlwise bind-off if you need a little refresher. Row 6: K6, cast on 12 stitches using a Cursive E/Backwards Loop cast-on, k6.

Now for the fun part, once your knitting is as long as you would like it and you have bound off all stitches, make your first stitch into a loop, and pull each subsequent strip through the look – if you crochet, it’s just like a crochet chain!

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