Jen Lucas

Knit Front and Back

Jen Lucas
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Duration:   1 mins

To work the knit front and back increase, you’ll knit into the front of the next stitch, but leave the original stitch on the left-hand needle. Bring the right-hand needle around to the back of the left-hand needle. Insert the right-hand needle into the back of the stitch and knit the stitch again. You’ll then drop the stitch off the left-hand needle. As Jen demonstrates, the new stitch that is created makes a bar to the left of the old stitch. You’ll sometimes see the knit front and back increase also be called a bar increase.

Working the knit front and back increase is very simple and is used in a wide variety of projects from baby sweaters to shawls. It’s a great increase to have in your knitting toolbox for your next project.

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