Jen Lucas

Knitting Ribbed Stripes

Jen Lucas
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Duration:   13  mins

When knitting stripes in ribbing, you can make them the traditional way – when you are finished with a row or round in once color you can simply move onto the next color. The lines in this case look the same on both sides, but when looking at the purl bump sections you will notice they are two-colored. To get a cleaner line on the right side of the work when knitting stripes in ribbing, you can change colors on a right side row but knit all stitches instead of working whatever knit/purl pattern you are using for your ribbing, then reverting to your ribbing pattern as established. You need to be aware the wrong side of the work will look decidedly different than it does on the traditional way of knitting strips in ribbing, and you will lose a very small amount of elasticity. This technique works best in stripes that are four rows in height or taller. You can also try this out with our Twisted Ribbing stitch!

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