How to Work Twisted Ribbing

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Duration: 3:25

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Twisted ribbing is a variation of 1×1 ribbing (knit one stitch, purl one stitch). With this variation, some or all of the stitches are worked through the back loop to twist the stitches. In this video, knitting expert Corrina Ferguson demonstrates how to work twisted ribbing.

Corrina begins by comparing three swatches of 1×1 ribbing. They are:

– Traditional 1×1 ribbing (knit 1 stitch, purl 1 stitch)
– Twisted Ribbing with twisted knits (knit 1 stitch through the back loop, purl 1 stitch)
– Twisted Ribbing (knit 1 stitch through the back loop, purl 1 stitch through the back loop)

She notes that when only the knits are twisted, like in the Nepeta Hat shown in the video, the wrong side of the ribbing has the appearance of a traditional ribbing pattern. However, if both the knits and purls are worked through the back loops, all the stitches become tighter, affecting the look and the gauge of the fabric.

The twisted ribbing is then demonstrated on the start of a hat. Corrina works the twisted ribbing by knitting one stitch through the back loop (or back leg) and purling one stitch. She also demonstrates how to purl one stitch through the back loop.

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