Lifted Increases (RLI & LLI)

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Duration: 6:23

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Lifted increases add stitches to your project and can be nearly invisible if placed correctly. In this video, Jen Lucas demonstrates how to work two of the most common lifted increases – the right-lifted increase and the left-lifted increase.


To work the right-lifted increase, follow these steps:

1. With yarn in back, from back to front insert the right needle into the stitch one row below the next stitch on the left needle, catching the right leg of the stitch.
2. Lift this stitch up and onto the left needle, being careful not to twist.
3. Knit the lifted stitch.


To work the left-lifted increase, follow these steps:

1. With yarn in back, from back to front insert the left needle into the stitch two rows below the stitch just worked on the right needle, catching the left leg of that stitch.
2. Lift this stitch up to the left needle.
3. Knit the lifted stitch through the back.

With a little bit of practice, these two increases are easy to incorporate into your knitting when you need to increase stitches in your project.