Jen Lucas

TKC LIVE! July 2021

Jen Lucas
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Duration:   58  mins

We have another The Knitting Circle Live event ready for you to watch! Jen Lucas answers all the live viewer questions about blocking, losing stitches and specific viewer questions.

Grab our fun Summer Striped Dish Cloth pattern for free right here!

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2 Responses to “TKC LIVE! July 2021”

  1. Dolores J Weems

    How to read a chart, is each line actually representative of 2 lines?

  2. Jean Caron Eliseuson

    I’m knitting my first sweater and have adapted the pattern for in the round. So far so good but now I’m needing to do the neck. The pattern I used as my base has a round neck, I want a v-neck. Plus I plan on steeking. Any help could be helpful. I just haven’t been able to wrap my head around the decreasing. I understand the armholes. Help

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