Sock Knitting Techniques

With so many ways to knit socks and different techniques to incorporate, sock knitting can sometimes seem overwhelming. Which needles to choose? What method to use to knit in the round? What heel construction? The list of questions to ask yourself when deciding on your next sock project can grow quite long. Here are some of my favorite sock-knitting techniques and methods. Hopefully, they will help you knit up a sweet, cozy treat for your feet!

1. Magic Loop

This technique for knitting in the round is popular for knitting socks. Once you’ve established the pattern and have gotten the hang of maneuvering the knitting needles, it’s likely not as fiddly as it may seem. We have a class on how to knit top-down socks using the magic loop method. You can also learn more in our blog post how to knit in the round with the magic loop.

2. Beginner-Friendly Pattern

The Rainbow Short Stack Sock pattern in the shop is one of our most popular patterns, and it’s easy to see why. This pattern by Meghan Jones is beautiful but also sweet and simple. If you’re looking for a great, well-written pattern for your sock knitting adventures, be sure to check out our rainbow short stack socks!

3. Grafting (a.k.a. Kitchener Stitch)

Grafting the toe of your sock can seem like a daunting task. With a little patience and practice, it’s a skill that will likely become a staple in your top-down sock-knitting journey. In our video Kitchener Stitch, knitting expert Corrina Ferguson demonstrates grafting on small swatches. There are also written directions for grafting in the description of that video.

4. More Sock Knitting Tricks

Looking for even more info on sock knitting? Check out this Sock Knitting Tricks Video Download. We’ve compiled lots of excellent video content about sock knitting into one download.

What techniques and methods do you use in your sock knitting journey? What new sock techniques would you like to learn? Let us know in the comments!

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13 Responses to “Sock Knitting Techniques”

  1. Donna S. Williams

    What is the cost?

  2. Doris

    Me gusta tejer y hacer crochet, por lo que aprender a hacer calcetines es algo nuevo para mi

  3. Margaret Baillie Conyers

    Like the visual aspect of dealing with the technical details of 'socking'

  4. GJ Wagner

    I am a beginner knitter. I like short projects. I also LOVE designer socks. Maybe this pattern would be a good one for me to try.

  5. Candace Lasseter

    I make lots of socks!!!!

  6. J. Hogan

    Like to join your circle

  7. Christina Frauli

    I'm a toe-up, mostly DPN sock knitter. I say mostly DPN, as I start out with Judy's Magic Cast-on on a long circular. And I'll occasionally switch to an 8-inch circular if I'm doing long stretches of just plain old stockinette. I enjoy knitting socks, especially in the summer, they're just nice and small and portable. And I like being able to try them on as I go in case I decide I need to adjust something.

  8. Gail Newman

    Would love to learn toe up

  9. Eileen Hoogstad

    I have always wanted to learn to knit socks

  10. Janet Bower

    I use the magic loop toe up method. I have yet to find the best stretchy bind-off. Suggestions?