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Fabulous Feather and Fan

There are so many fun and unique stitch patterns to explore in knitting. Feather and fan patterns are particularly intriguing because a natural wave is created in the fabric due of the placement of the increases and decreases. There are hundreds of variations on this classic stitch pattern, and it can be easily adapted to…

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5 Fun Hat Patterns to Knit

Summer might be just around the corner for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, but hat knitting is always in season! Whether you like knitting hats for charity or are looking to get a head start on that holiday gift knitting, check out these great hat patterns that are perfect for you, a loved…

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Choosing the Right Knitting Needle

Are you starting a new project? Need help choosing the right knitting needles? Check out the stats on style, points and materials below to help you choose the perfect type for your project! Needle style Not all knitting needles are great for all knitting projects, the style of needle you choose to work with is…

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Beginner Tips for Successful Knitting

You’ve started knitting or are thinking of starting, congratulations! Knitting is a terrific activity that not only is fun and interesting but is proven to improve memory and mental clarity as well as gain you new friends who also love to knit. Maybe you have seen a sweater that you simply must have and want…

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How to Knit a Mitered Square

Mitered squares are a great way to use up leftover yarn. They’re quick, and easy, too! You can make them from any weight yarn, but you should use the same weight throughout your project. A mitered square is cast on with enough stitches to cover two edges of the square. You can cast on an…

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Easy Pi Shawl Knitting

A half-pi (half-circle) shawl is one of the simplest shawl constructions to work. They are worked by doubling the number of stitches each time you’ve doubled the number of rows. Increases are made all at once in one row, so it’s easy to maintain stitch patterns between increase rows. Let’s Get Started: As for all…

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