• 11:20

    Two-Color Brioche in the Round

    Brioche knitting is a fun technique that creates a squishy and reversible fabric. When worked in two colors, one color will be dominant on one side of the fabric, with the second color being dominant on the reverse side. Brioche knitting can be used to make just about anything in knitting, and it’s fairly simple…

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  • 18:26

    Two-Color Brioche in Rows

    In this video, Mary Beth Temple demonstrates how to work a basic two-color brioche pattern back and forth in rows. When working technique in rows, it’s critical to use a circular needle or double-pointed needles, even though it’s worked in rows. Mary Beth notes that you’ll have to be able to freely slide the stitches…

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  • 7:23

    Syncopated Brioche

    If you are familiar with Brioche knitting, you’ll want to give Syncopated Brioche a try. This technique of Brioche knitting is simply switching the brioche knit (BrK) stitches to brioche purl (BrP) stitches and vice versa. This creates an interesting effect in the fabric and can be used to create all kinds of designs and…

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  • 12:55

    One-Color Brioche Knitting in Rows

    Brioche knitting is a popular technique and one that is fun to knit. In this video, Mary Beth Temple demonstrates Brioche basics by knitting one-color Brioche in rows. CAST ON LOOSELY To start a Brioche project, it’s important that the cast on is very loose. Mary Beth suggests casting onto a knitting needle that is…

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