• 12:40

    Moving Stitch Markers

    When working on lace projects, many knitters find it helpful to use stitch markers to mark the lace stitch repeats. While this is an excellent way to keep track of your stitches on the needles, there are times when those stitch markers can lead to confusion. There are situations where the stitch markers might need…

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  • 3:30

    Working a Yarn Over at the Beginning of a Row

    Have you ever come across a knitting pattern or stitch pattern that calls for working a yarn over at the beginning of a row? In this video, Jen Lucas demonstrates how to work these yarn overs on both the Right Side and Wrong Side of the knitted fabric. In most knitting patterns, a yarn over…

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  • 18:12

    Double Yarns Overs and Beyond

    Making a hole in your knitting on purpose doesn’t have to be scary. Yarn overs are a great way to create open and airy stitch patterns, and you can make them in all sizes. In this video, lace knitting expert Jen Lucas demonstrates how to work different yarn overs and teaches you how to work…

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  • 17:13

    Feather and Fan Stitch Patterns

    Feather and fan stitch patterns, along with Old Shale knitting patterns, create a beautiful wave in your knitted fabric that’s perfect for scarves, shawls, and sweaters. In this video, lace knitter Jen Lucas demonstrates two common stitch patterns that you’re sure to fall in love with and will want to incorporate into your own projects!…

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  • 4:50

    Knit a Sawtooth Lace Edging

    Knitted lace edgings add a dainty detail to many projects, including shawls and garments. In this video, Corrina Ferguson demonstrates how to knit a Sawtooth Lace Edging. This lace edging is worked by slipping stitches along one edge on Right Side rows, making it the perfect edging to work and then pick up the slipped…

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  • 5:01

    Work a Double-Sided Lace Pattern (Knitted Lace)

    Many lace stitch patterns have patterning that only happens on the Right Side of the fabric, with the Wrong Side being simply knits and purls. However, there are hundred of stitch patterns that have patterning on both the Right Side and Wrong Side. In this video, Corrina Ferguson demonstrates the stitches commonly used when working…

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  • 3:22

    Knit the Rosary Stitch

    The Rosary Stitch is a common lace stitch pattern that is widely used in shawls and sweaters. In this video, Corrina Ferguson demonstrates the key steps to working this beautiful stitch pattern. Some knitting patterns may refer to the rosary stitch as a leaf lace stitch pattern. No matter what it’s called, it creates a…

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  • 3:11

    Cat’s Eye Stitch

    Reversible mesh lace patterns are versatile stitch patterns, perfect for projects like shawls and scarves. In this video, lace expert Corrina Ferguson demonstrates the Cat’s Eye Stitch, a reversible mesh stitch pattern. Corrina begins by discussing how the stitch pattern is constructed. Most stitch patterns are worked over an even number of rows, making a…

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  • 5:36

    Using a Lifeline in Lace Knitting

    While knitting lace patterns is enjoyable for many knitters, it’s not so enjoyable to have to rip out your knitting or try to fix a mistake. In this video, Mary Beth Temple demonstrates how to place a lifeline into your project so that if you do make a mistake, you can easily rip back your…

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