• 4:55

    Beehive Stitch

    The Beehive Stitch is a beautiful textured stitch pattern that is created using knit stitches paired with knit one below stitches. In this video, Mary Beth Temple demonstrates how to knit the Beehive Stitch. This stitch pattern can be worked in one color or in two colors. For the swatch worked in the video, Mary…

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  • 3:16

    Bramble Stitch

    The Bramble Stitch goes by many names: Trinity Stitch, Cluster Stitch, or Raspberry Stitch. No matter what you call it, it’s a beautiful, lacy pattern that’s perfect for shawls and scarves. In this video, Corrina Ferguson explains how to go about working the Bramble Stitch. Corrina begins by showing a finished swatch of the lace.…

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  • 4:43

    Butterfly Stitch

    Decorative stitches are fun to add to any project, but can be especially lovely on knitted baby items, like blankets and hats. In this video, Corrina Ferguson demonstrates how to work a butterfly stitch. Corrina points out that with this stitch pattern, it’s important to remember that the row gauge is going to be different…

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  • 4:34

    Corrugated Rib Stitch

    Corrugated ribbing is a beautiful two-color ribbing pattern that is perfect for colorwork projects like hats and mittens. In this video, Corrina Ferguson demonstrates how to work a corrugated ribbing pattern in a 2×2 (knit 2 stitches, purl 2 stitches) pattern. This technique can be used for any ribbing pattern. When looking at the work…

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  • 3:42

    Dandelion Stitch

    The Dandelion Stitch is a beautiful decorative stitch pattern that creates stunning flower details on a background of Stockinette stitch. In this video, Corrina Ferguson demonstrates how to work the elongated stitches of the Dandelion Stitch. Corrina begins by explaining the construction of the flower details. The flowers are created with knit below stitches that…

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  • 6:58

    Eyelet Rib Pattern

    When it comes to knitting ribbing patterns, there’s hundreds of stitch patterns to choose from. You can combine a seemingly endless combination of knits and purls to create a stretchy fabric, perfect for hats, socks, cuffs, collars, and more! What’s really fun to play around with is decorative ribbing stitch patterns. You can add a…

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  • 8:37

    How to Knit Dropped Stitches

    Dropping stitches often happens by accident; however, they can also be used to create a beautiful and interesting fabric for your projects. In this video, Jill Wright demonstrates how to work a simple dropped stitch pattern. To anchor the stitches, Jill casts on less stitches than what is needed for the project. This way, stitches…

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  • 3:31

    How to Knit the Flower Knot Stitch

    The flower knot stitch is a decorative stitch pattern that can be used in a wide variety of projects. In this video, Corrina Ferguson demonstrates this interesting stitch. FLOWER KNOT STITCH To work the stitch, follow these steps: – Purl three stitches together, leaving the stitches on the needle – Yarn over – Purl the…

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  • 3:35

    How to Work a Latvian Braid

    There are so many ways that you can add extra texture and pizzazz to your knitting project. The Latvian braid is a technique that adds both texture and color. Corrina Ferguson shows you how to work this interesting two-color braid in this video. LATVIAN BRAID As Corrina demonstrates, the braid is created after a foundation…

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