• 3:28

    Backwards Loop Cast On

    There are a variety of ways to cast on for your knitting project. In this video, knitting expert Mary Beth Temple demonstrates how to work the backwards loop (also known as the “Cursive E”) cast on. The Backwards Loop Cast On is a basic stretchy cast on that can be too loose for some projects.…

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  • 3:26

    Basic Bind Off: Purlwise

    The Purlwise Bind Off is a variation of a traditional bind off. Instead of knitting the stitches during the bind off, the stitches are purled. In this video, Jen Lucas demonstrates how to work the Purlwise Bind Off. Jen states that this bind off can be used for a variety of reasons. It can be…

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  • 3:01

    Continental Knitting (Picking)

    When it comes to knitting mechanics, there are a few different ways that knitters will hold their needles to make their stitches. Every knitter finds a style that works for them. In this video, Jill Wright breaks down the Continental (or Picking) method of knitting. She demonstrates how to create tension in the yarn, as…

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  • 2:05

    Counting Rows in Garter Stitch

    Garter stitch is a simple, squishy fabric created by knitting every stitch, when working back and forth in rows. In this video, Mary Beth Temple demonstrates how to count rows when working garter stitch on your knitting projects. A defining feature of garter stitch is the purl bumps or ridges that are created by working…

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  • 3:31

    Counting Rows in Stockinette Stitch

    Stockinette stitch is a knitted fabric that’s created by working knit stitches on the right side and purl stitches on the wrong side, when working back in forth in rows. In this video, knitting expert Mary Beth Temple explains how to count rows in Stockinette stitch. FROM THE RIGHT SIDE Looking at Stockinette stitch from…

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  • 3:24

    Easy Ribbing: How to Work Knit One, Purl One (K1, P1) Ribbing

    Once you’ve mastered the knit and purl stitches, you’re ready to try ribbing. In this video, Mary Beth Temple will demonstrate how to work knit one, purl one (K1, P1) ribbing. She’ll also share some tips on how to read your fabric and how to avoid mistakes while working this stitch. You’ll find ribbing used…

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  • 3:58

    Easy Ribbing: Knit Two, Purl Two (K2, P2) Ribbing

    Knit-2, purl-2 (K2, P2) ribbing is a great stretchy stitch pattern that is perfect for projects like baby hats and socks. This ribbing is very elastic, when stretched the fabric naturally wants to snapback into place. In this video, Jen Lucas demonstrates how to work this ribbed pattern. This stitch pattern is also known as…

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  • 5:03

    English Knitting (Throwing)

    There are many ways to hold and tension the yarn when knitting. The English (or throwing) knitting method is a common way to knit where the yarn is held in the right hand. In this video, knitting expert Mary Beth Temple shows you how to knit using the English method and shares her expertise on…

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  • 5:09

    Finishing Basics: Weaving in Ends

    When a project is a complete, some basic finishing is needed to have your project looking its best. In this video, Mary Beth Temple explains how she likes to weave in ends on a Stockinette stitch fabric. The Stockinette stitch is creating by knitting the stitches on the Right Side and purling the stitches on…

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