• 2:00

    Knitting Scottish Style

    When it comes to knitting mechanics, there‚Äôs a few different ways that knitters will hold the yarn and needles to make their stitches. Every knitter finds a style that works for them. In this video, Jill Wright breaks down how to knit using the Scottish method of knitting. She demonstrates how to tension the yarn,…

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  • 3:41

    Carrying Two Yarns in Your Right Hand for Stranded Colorwork

    Stranded colorwork is a beautiful technique that creates interesting designs in your knitting. In this video, Michele Lee Bernstein shares an easy method for carrying two yarns in your right hand while working stranded colorwork projects. When working Fair Isle designs, some knitters will pick up and drop each yarn as they are knitting. Others…

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  • 5:03

    English Knitting (Throwing)

    There are many ways to hold and tension the yarn when knitting. The English (or throwing) knitting method is a common way to knit where the yarn is held in the right hand. In this video, knitting expert Mary Beth Temple shows you how to knit using the English method and shares her expertise on…

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