Jen Lucas

Four Methods for Knitting in The Round

Jen Lucas
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Duration:   21  mins

Knitting in the round is a great technique to learn, as it allows you to knit all kinds of projects. Knitting patterns like hats, socks, gloves, and mittens are often (although not always) knitted in the round. Even larger projects like cowls and sweaters are often worked in the round as well. In this video, Jen Lucas explores four common ways for knitting in the round.

Double-pointed needles, often abbreviated as DPNs, use four or five needles to knit in the round. This method is often used for small circumference knitting, like for socks, mittens, and sleeves of baby sweaters. Double-pointed needles come in different lengths, and you can experiment with what length works best for you knitting style.

A single circular needle is very commonly used for knitting in the round. These needles have a flexible cord joining the two knitting needles, which allows you to work in the round. You can find these needles in a variety of lengths (16”, 24”, 32”, 40”, 47”, and 60” being the most common).

The two circular needle method is another great way to knit in the round, especially for that small circumference knitting. Using this technique, the stitches are configured such that half the stitches are on one needle and the other half of the stitches are on the second needle. Using one needle at a time, the stitches can be worked. You’ll most often see this method used on projects like socks.

The last technique Jen explores is the magic loop method. Knitting in the round using magic loop involves using one longer (usually 24” or 32”) circular needle to knit in the round. The needle is maneuvered in such a way that there are two loops of the flexible cord on each side of your project. You’re knitting across one half of the project, while the other half of the stitches are resting on the cord.

Do you like to knit in the round? Which method do you like to use?

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