Lorilee Beltman

Learn to Use Magic Loop for Two-at-a-Time Knitting

Lorilee Beltman
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Duration:   23  mins

Ready to become a magic loop master? With Lorilee Beltman as your guide, find out how to work two projects at once while magic looping. You’ll never suffer from second sock (or sleeve) syndrome again! Lorilee shows you just how easy it is to work two-at-a-time while managing your yarn at the same time.

Lorilee notes that many people will give up on knitting two things at the same time using the magic loop method because the yarn management can appear to be tricky. If you’re not careful, the yarns will twist together, potentially causing a tangle. It’s important to use two separate balls of yarn when knitting using this method and to also turn your knitting in different directions when working the second half of the round. By alternating turning clockwise and counterclockwise, your yarn will stay untangled, and you can knit both pieces at the same time with ease.

After thoroughly covering yarn management while knitting and how to set up your yarn for sock knitting specifically, Lorilee dives into casting on for two socks as well as two sleeves. For the socks, she uses Judy’s Magic Cast On for both socks to knit them from the toe up. She notes how she likes to keep track of her project, and the importance of dropping the yarn from one sock and picking up the yarn for the second sock so that you don’t knit your socks together.

She then demonstrates how to cast on for two sleeves. The method is a little different, she takes care to cast on in such a way that both sleeves are facing the same direction on the needles. She ends the video discussing the pros and cons of knitting two-at-a-time using the magic loop method.

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