• 3:43

    Reading Schematics

    Schematics are drawings commonly found in knitting patterns to tell you all the measurements of the finished piece. They are found in many garment patterns, but you’ll also find schematics in other patterns as well, like shawls. In this video, knitting expert Corrina Ferguson demonstrates how to read schematics. Corrina compares two schematics. The first…

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  • 9:45

    Don’t Get Lost: Keeping Track of Your Pattern Progress

    When working from a knitting pattern, many knitters find it helpful to take notes to keep track of their work. In this video, Jill Wright explains how to she likes to keep notes when knitting. She shares many useful tips that you can easily incorporate into your own notetaking. Jill suggests using graphs paper and…

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  • 9:06

    Half Pi Shawl Math Basics

    Designing a half pi shawl is a great way to begin your shawl design journey. In this video, shawl designer Michele Lee Bernstein explains half pi shawl basics so you can design a half pi shawl of your own that is uniquely yours. Pi shawls were invented by Elizabeth Zimmermann and are a fun way…

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