• 4:20

    Choosing Your Knitting Needle: Circular vs. Straight

    There are many factors to consider when choosing the right knitting needle for you and your project. In this video, knitting expert Jill Wright looks at both circular knitting needles and straight knitting needles. She discusses their features and what kind of projects will work for each type of knitting needle. Jill starts by looking…

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  • 18:21

    How to Knit a Two-Color Slipped Stitch Hat

    The Nepeta Hat is a beautiful, slipped stitch hat that you can find in the shop here at The Knitting Circle. In this video, the designer of the hat, Corrina Ferguson, demonstrates the important steps on how to knit this project. CAST ON AND BRIM To begin, Corrina discusses different methods for knitting hats in…

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  • 9:12

    How to Knit the Linen Stitch

    Linen stitch is created using slipped stitches along with knits and purls. Unlike many other knitted fabrics, the linen stitch fabric creates a firm fabric that doesn’t curl. This feature makes it a great choice for items like scarves and wraps. In this video, Jen Lucas explains how to knit the linen stitch both flat…

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  • 7:46

    How to Read a Slipped Stitch Chart

    Slipped stitch knitting is a fun technique that adds colorwork into a project, with the benefit of only working with one color each row or round. There are so many slipped stitch patterns out there to knit and many of them are worked from charts. In this video, Corrina Ferguson discusses slipped stitch charts and…

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  • 2:55

    How to Work Garter Stitch in Rounds

    Garter stitch is a basic, beautiful fabric that is created by working all the stitches as knit stitches, when working back and forth in rows. What about knitting garter stitch in the round? In this video, knitting expert Jen Lucas shows you just how easy it is to work garter stitch when circular knitting. KNIT…

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  • 2:54

    How to Work Reverse Stockinette Stitch in Rounds

    Reverse Stockinette stitch is a fabric that has the purl ridges or bumps of Stockinette stitch showing on the right side of the work. In this video, Jen Lucas demonstrates how to work Reverse Stockinette stitch in the round. When working back in forth in rows, Reverse Stockinette stitch is created by purling all the…

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  • 3:13

    How to Work Stockinette Stitch in Rounds

    Stockinette stitch is a knitted fabric that’s created by working knit stitches on the right side and purl stitches on the wrong side, when working back in forth in rows. However, there are many situations where working Stockinette stitch in the round is used in a project. In this video, Jen Lucas teaches you how…

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  • 3:37

    Jogless Join for Knitting Stripes in the Round

    From hats to socks, knitting in the round is used as a way to construct a wide variety of knitting projects. In some cases, those projects involve knitting stripes in multiple colors of yarn. Mary Beth Temple will show you her favorite way for working stripes in the round and how to create what’s called…

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  • 4:14

    Judy’s Magic Cast On

    Judy’s Magic Cast On is a popular method for starting toe-up socks. It’s a double-sided cast on that’s also good for other projects, like top-down mittens and hats. In this video, Mary Beth Temple explains how to work this cast on. Mary Beth is working this cast on two double-pointed needles, but you can also…

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