Jen Lucas

Tips for Joining in the Round

Jen Lucas
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Duration:   9  mins

Do you love to knit projects that are worked in the round? From hats to socks and everything in between, there are an endless number of knitting patterns to choose from that are knit in the round. If you love to knit in the round, check out this video featuring Jen Lucas. She’ll demonstrate four easy tips to help you join your knitting in the round with ease.

When knitting in the round, the fabric is created by working in continuous rounds, meaning that you are technically knitting in a spiral. Because of this, you can sometimes get a “stair step” or “jog” at the cast-on edge of your project. There are several tricks you can use when casting on to avoid this stair-step and have a nice join between the first and last stitch of the round.

1. Pass the first and last stitches over each other
2. Cross the first and last stitches
3. Cast on an extra stitch and then bind it off
4. Cast on an extra stitch and work it together with the last stitch on the needle

If you don’t use one of these methods and you find that you have a bit of a jog at the cast on edge, all is not lost. Jen shows you how to use the yarn tail of your project with a tapestry needle to weave the end into the cast on edge in such a way that the jog nearly disappears.

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