Jen Lucas

Extra Tools for Knitting: Stitch Holders

Jen Lucas
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Duration:   3  mins

Once you’ve learned the knitting basics, there are a few extra tools that you’ll need to complete your projects. In this video, Jen Lucas talks about different options for stitch holders, and when you might need to use them in your project.

Stitch holders come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common stitch holder is one that looks like a giant, coil-free safety pin. This holder comes in various lengths and can be used for many types of knitting projects. Other stitch holders look like small double-pointed needles with a cap or stopper on each end. One cap can be removed, and the stitches can be placed onto the needle to be held.

When working a small project, locking stitch markers can be used as a stitch holder, when only a small number of stitches need to be held, like for a thumb of a mitten or fingerless mitt. If working a larger project, or if no stitch holder is available, a tapestry needle and waste yarn can be used as a stitch holder. Be sure to use a contrasting color of yarn to make the waste yarn easy to see.

There are many stitch holders to choose from and some work better than others for different knitting projects. Most importantly, use the stitch holder that’s right for you and feels the most comfortable to use in your knitting.

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One Response to “Extra Tools for Knitting: Stitch Holders”

  1. Violetta Lovrenovich

    Jen, thank you for a clear presentation. The use of scrap yarn and tapestry needle is excellent tip. I’ve just finished a large, heavy back piece for a sweater and was wondering how I could hold the finished row until ready to join to the next section (which still needs to be knitted). Great timing for me to see this video. Again thanks!

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