Jen Lucas

Harmonious Headband | LIVE Tutorial with Jen Lucas

Jen Lucas
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Duration:   1 mins

Join Jen Lucas, managing editor of The Knitting Circle, for a LIVE tutorial on how to make the Harmonious Headband. This comfy, lightweight headband is the perfect accessory to keep you cozy and tame those flyaways when chilly spring breezes blow. Use your favorite spring-inspired color or a soft blend of yarn to make this simple and adorable headband. This project is quick and easy to customize, so you can make one for all of your friends and family members! Click here to download the free Harmonious Headband pattern!

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2 Responses to “Harmonious Headband | LIVE Tutorial with Jen Lucas”

  1. Linda Fair

    I’m definitely going to try the headband because my daughter likes to wear them

  2. Carol

    From NH I been knitting for82 year. Taughter when I was 4 yeas, doing Square for blankets for the 2nd World War

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