Chart Reading Basics

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Duration: 2:58

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Reading a chart doesn’t have to be difficult. In this video, Michele Lee Bernstein explains chart reading basics and shares several different kinds of charts.

Michele begins by noting that all charts have a key that will explain what the symbols mean. Different designers will use different symbols, but the key will always tell you what stitches are be worked.

She shares details about the following charts:

  • Chart knit in the round
  • Chart knit in rows
  • Chart with pattern repeats
  • Large cable chart
  • Colorwork chart

When working in the round, the round numbers are listed all along the right side of the chart. This is because when circular knitting, you’re always working from the Right Side of the piece. When working in rows, odd numbers on the right side of the chart are the Right-Side rows. The even numbers on the left side of the chart are the Wrong-Side rows. Michele also shares how to keep track of your place in a chart by using a ruler or sticky note to mark your place.