Mary Beth Temple

KYOP Increase (Knit, Yarn Over, Purl)

Mary Beth Temple
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Duration:   2  mins

The KYOP (Knit, Yarn Over, Purl) Increase is a double increase that is commonly used when a project has a textured stitch pattern that involves working knits and purls on the Right Side of the piece. It’s sometimes used in cable and lace patterns as well. In this video, Mary Beth Temple demonstrates how to work this increase.

A double increase takes one stitch and turns it into three stitches. This increase helps the increase stitches blend into the fabric. Mary Beth is working this increase on a checkerboard fabric, where she is switching from knits to purls and purls to knits every few stitches.

Mary Beth works the increase following these steps:

  • Knit stitch, leaving the stitch on the left needle
  • Yarn Over, bringing the yarn in between the needles to the front, around over the needle, and between the needles once more to bring the yarn to the front of the work
  • Purl stitch, dropping stitch off the left needle

The KYOP Increase has been created and there are now three stitches where there was previously a single stitch. Mary Beth demonstrates this increase once more when she comes to an area where the stitch pattern is switching from knit stitches to purl stitches.

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