The Purl Stitch

Duration: 5:43

The second stitch that you’ll need to know to create your knitting project is the purl stitch. Jen Lucas will demonstrate how to work this stitch using both the English and Continental methods.

When knitting, it’s important to find the method that is most comfortable for you. There are two common ways to create stitches:

– English/Throwing: yarn is held in right hand
– Continental/Picking: yarn is held in left hand

Whatever method you choose, the purl stitches are created the same way:

– With yarn in front, insert right needle from right to left into the first stitch on the left needle
– Wrap yarn around the right needle counterclockwise
– Bring right needle through the loop on the left needle, making a new stitch on the right needle
– Drop stitch off the left needle
– New purl stitch has been created on the right needle

Remember that learning any new skill takes time and practice. With a little patience and practice, you’ll be creating beautiful pieces with your purl stitches in no time!

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