Jen Lucas

Purling Two Stitches Together (p2tog)

Jen Lucas
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Duration:   2  mins

Learning a few decreases in knitting helps to expand your skills and helps in being able to knit all kinds of knitting projects. Jen Lucas shows you a common single decrease in this video by demonstrating the purl two stitches together (p2tog) decrease.


This decrease is commonly worked on the wrong side of your work, where you would be working the purl stitch. That’s not always the case though; sometimes you’ll use it on the right side of your work if you are purling stitches on the right side. You might also find p2tog stitches used in many different decorative stitch patterns. In the video, Jen specifically demonstrates the purl two together decrease when worked on the wrong side of the fabric, when working in Stockinette stitch.

When looking at the p2tog decrease on the purl side, or Wrong Side, of the fabric, it’s not that easy to identify where the decrease is placed, as it blends in with the other purl stitches. When you look at the fabric from knit side, or Right Side, you can easily see where the decreases are placed. The p2tog stitch leans to the right when you are looking at it from the right side of the fabric in the example in the video.

The p2tog decrease is worked with the yarn to the front. Insert the right-hand needle into the next two stitches on the left-hand needle purlwise. Purl these two stitches together as if they are one. Now you have decreased by a single stitch, as you’ve taken two stitches and turned it into a single stitch.

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One Response to “Purling Two Stitches Together (p2tog)”

  1. Nancy

    How about some left hand techniques, especially increases and decreases and there directions they form

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