Jen Lucas

How to Make a Small Center-Pull Ball of Yarn

Jen Lucas
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Duration:   4  mins

For some knitting projects, only a small amount of yarn is needed for a particular technique or step in the pattern. Making a small center-pull ball of yarn is helpful when working on intarsia projects or small toys because it makes the yarn easier to manage while working through the knitting pattern. In this video, Jen Lucas demonstrates how to make a small center-pull ball of yarn.

Depending on the amount of yarn needed for the project, two or four fingers are used, and the yarn is wrapped around the fingers in a figure-8. Once the desired amount of yarn is achieved, pinch the center of the figure-8 and remove fingers. Wrap the working yarn around the center of the ball a few times to secure, snip yarn and tuck in the yarn end. The center-pull ball of yarn is now ready to use in your knitting project.

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