Jill Wright

Fixing a Mis-Crossed Cable

Jill Wright
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Duration:   10  mins

Cable knitting is a fun technique that can be used in all kinds of projects. Sometimes when knitting cables, a mistake happens, and a cable is worked the wrong way. In this video, Jill Wright explains how to fix mis-crossed cables by fixing C4F (cable 4 front) and C4B (cable 4 back) cables.

To fix the cables, Jill recommends the following tools:

– Locking stitch markers

– Spare knitting needle or crochet hook (hook is preferred)

To fix the cables, she first identifies where the mis-crossed cable has occurred. She slides the crochet hook underneath the stitches and uses a locking stitch marker to hold each stitch. When placing the stitch markers onto the stitches, it’s important to bring them through the center of the stitch, capturing one leg of the stitch. This is repeated for the other stitch that is part of the mis-crossed cable. Jill works the pattern to the point of the mis-crossed cable. She then begins to fix the cable.

To fix the cable, Jill drops the stitches down to where the locking stitch markers are holding the stitches in place. She finds the small gap that is created from making the cable and passes the stitch markers through the gap one at a time. Ensuring that they are in the correct order, she works her way back up to the knitting needle. She demonstrates fixing these dropped stitches with both the crochet hook and using a spare knitting needle.

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