Mary Beth Temple

How to Work Chevron Seed Stitch

Mary Beth Temple
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Duration:   8  mins

The chevron seed stitch pattern creates a beautiful allover texture to your finished piece. This stitch pattern is created by working purl bumps on the right side of the work, which makes a visually interesting zigzag pattern. This stitch pattern would be perfect for cowls and scarves, or even a knitted baby blanket. In this video, Mary Beth Temple shows you just how easy it is to make.


The stitch pattern is made on a background of Stockinette stitch, which makes the purl bumps that appear on the right side of work have great definition. Mary Beth explains that this particular stitch pattern is worked over a multiple of 8 stitches, and she has cast on 24 stitches for her swatch. The pattern is a simple 4-row repeat and is created over a multiple of 8 stitches as follows:

– Row 1 (RS): (P1, K3) to end.
– Row 2 (WS): (K1, P5, K1, P1) to end.
– Row 3: (K2, P1, K3, P1, K1) to end.
– Row 4: (P2, K1, P1, K1, P3) to end.

Repeat these four rows to create chevron seed stitch. As these four rows are repeated, Mary Beth Temple shows you how the chevron, or zigzag, starts to form to create a visually interesting stitch pattern that’s perfect for your next knitting project!


– RS: Right Side
– WS: Wrong Side
– K: Knit
– P: Purl

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