Jen Lucas

TKC GOLD: Fabulous Finishes

Jen Lucas
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Duration:   53  mins

Join Jen Lucas for a TKC GOLD LIVE event. There are so many ways to bind off a knitting project. You’ll find different bind offs work for different projects–it all depends on the look and style you’re going for with your finished piece. It can be really fun and interesting to work a decorative bind off at the end of a project–add a little extra flair as you finish your knitted masterpiece!

Jen covers the following techniques:

Picot Bind Off
There are many variations to the picot bind off. Many knitters play with the spacing and size of the picots, depending on the project. A picot bind off can even be modified to work long picots, which act as a thick knitted fringe.

I-Cord Bind Off
The I-cord bind off is great for just about any knitting project. Not only does it provide a nice bit of stretch to the bind off edge of the fabric, but it also adds a nice decorative detail.

Crochet Loop Bind Off
This bind off uses a crochet hook to create a looped crochet edging. This bind off is perfect the edges of top-down shawls!


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