Jen Lucas

Stitch Marker Hacks

Jen Lucas
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Duration:   6  mins

Can’t find a stitch marker? No problem! In this video, knit designer Jen Lucas shows you some interesting and unusual items that you can use instead. Most of these items are things you might have around your home, and they work great when you just can’t find an actual stitch marker.

The first item Jen uses is a paper clip. She places it on the needle and can keep knitting. She notes that you need to be a little careful with the paper clips – there is a possibility of them catching on your yarn or snagging a ply of a stitch. Like the paper clip, Jen also demonstrates using a binder clip in the same manner. It can easily be added onto a needle as an impromptu stitch marker. If you are looking for a household item to mark a specific stitch, such as the center stitch on a shawl, a bobby pin will work in a pinch. You can slide it right onto a specific stitch to mark it. You can also use bobby pins when working Japanese Short Rows.

A creative use of a commonly found household item is using a disposable straw for a stitch marker. The straw can be cut to the length you like (Jen cuts hers to approximately one centimeter) and then placed on the needle. Jen is using US Size 7 (4.5 mm) knitting needles in the video and notes that the straw she is using just fits on the needle. A standard straw is great for any projects that use smaller knitting needles.

Jen ends the video using some waste yarn as stitch markers. She demonstrates how to make single stitch markers out of yarn and how to use longer lengths of yarn to make multiple stitch markers that are joined together. Remember – none of these items are likely going to be your new “go to” when it comes to marking your stitches on your knitting, but they all work quite well when you find yourself without a traditional stitch marker.

We’d love to know – what kinds of things have you used as stitch markers?

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4 Responses to “Stitch Marker Hacks”

  1. Sarah

    Thank you for your helpful ideas of stitch marker. I personally use different colors of knitting wool or cotton, But it is good to have an alternative. I have to ad that your presentation is clear and easy to understand. Best regards,

  2. Christine B.

    I have used large safety pins in addition to just about everything you mentioned :)

  3. Chrissie Berry

    I use can pull rings…😊

  4. Patti

    Small hoop earring’s will work

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