Jen Lucas

Extra Tools for Knitting: Stitch Markers

Jen Lucas
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Duration:   5  mins

Once you’ve learned the knitting basics, there are a few extra tools that you’ll need to complete your projects. In this video, Jen Lucas discusses different types of stitch markers, and how and when you would use them.

The three most common types of stitch markers are:

– Locking stitch markers

– Closed ring stitch markers

– Split ring stitch markers


Locking stitch markers are similar in function to a safety pin, as they open and close in the same manner. These markers do not have a coil like a traditional safety pin. The coil of a safety pin can get caught in the knitted fabric and pull on the stitches, which is why a coil-less locking stitch marker is preferred. These notions are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials.


Closed ring stitch markers do not have the ability to open and close. Their function is to be placed on the needle to mark things like stitch repeats or the beginning of a round when circular knitting. The disadvantage to these markers is that they cannot be removed at any time from the project. They can only be removed by knitting to the point where they had been placed and then removing them.


Split ring stitch markers are similar to the closed ring markers, but there is a “split” in the ring, making it easy to place and remove at any point in the knitting. These markers are generally made of a plastic material, as they need to be flexible enough to open the stitch marker to place and remove.

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