Jen Lucas

Knitted Cast On

Jen Lucas
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Duration:   3  mins

The knitted cast on is one of the easiest ways to start your project. This cast on is perfect for beginners as it involves working the yarn in the same way as making knit stitches. In this video, Jen Lucas shows you the simplicity of the knitted cast on method.

Work the knitted cast on as follows:
1. Make a slip knot, leaving a tail of approximately 8 inches, and place it on the left needle.
2. Insert the right needle into the stitch as if to knit.
3. Wrap the yarn around the needle, and pull the yarn through, creating a stitch.
4. Transfer the stitch from the right needle to the left needle.

Repeat steps 2 – 4 until you have the desired number of stitches on the knitting needle.

The knitted cast on is not only great for beginner projects, but it’s also a useful technique to know for more advanced projects. It’s an amazingly easy way to add stitches at the end of the row, when needed.

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