Jen Lucas

TKC GOLD: Let’s Knit Stripes!

Jen Lucas
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Duration:   51  mins

Join Jen Lucas for a GOLD LIVE tutorial on how to make a striped hat and cowl set. Knitting stripes is a great way to use leftover yarn and is just plain fun. When knitting stripes in a ribbing pattern, like 2×2 ribbing (that’s k2, p2 – or knit two stitches, purl two stitches), you can get little “flecks” of color from the previous color popping through on your purl stitches on the Right Side of the fabric. While this certainly isn’t a problem, and projects still look great, you can eliminate this and get super crisp stripes in your ribbing. The solution? Knit all the stitches on the first row of your color change (when this row is going to be a Right Side).


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