Jen Lucas

How to Make a Slip Knot

Jen Lucas
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Duration:   3  mins

Making a slip knot is the first step to starting most knitting projects. The slip knot is created and then the rest of the stitches are cast on and you’re ready to begin knitting. In this video, Jen Lucas demonstrates how to create a simple slip knot.

To begin, you’ll need a length of yarn, leaving a tail of 6-8 inches to weave in when the project is complete. Make a horseshoe, or upside down “U” shape with the yarn. Fold the yarn over itself to create a loop. Then fold the loop down over the tail of the yarn. Take a knitting needle over the loop, then under the tail of the yarn, and over the other side of the loop. Pull snugly to secure the slip knot.

For most cast on methods, the slip knot will count as your first stitch. However, if it does not count as a stitch, the cast on instructions or pattern instructions will let you know.

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