Corrina Ferguson

How to Read a Yarn Label

Corrina Ferguson
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Duration:   6  mins

Yarn labels contain a wealth of information. It’s important to learn how to read a yarn label and understand how you can use that knowledge in your knitting projects. In this video, knitting expert Corrina Ferguson looks at a yarn label from a commercial yarn and breaks down all the information that is contained on it.

Yarn labels will list the yarn company, as well as the content of the yarn. For example, the label shown in the video is an acrylic and alpaca blend. Other important information that is always on a yarn label is how much yarn is contained in the ball or skein. You’ll see this amount listed in yards and/or meters. Many yarn labels will also contain how much the yarn weighs in ounces and/or grams. You’ll commonly see yarn come in 50-gram or 100-gram balls or skeins, but that’s not always the case. The yarn label will tell you exactly how much yarn you have.

The yarn label often will tell you how thick the yarn is by listing the yarn weight. Corrina shows a super bulky weight yarn in the video. There are symbols that will tell you the yarn weight for your particular ball of yarn. Other information that you’ll find on many yarn labels is the recommended needle size and gauge. As Corrina points out, this information is a suggestion. Be sure to check your knitting pattern for gauge information, as that is more important than the gauge listed on the yarn label.

Washing and drying instructions, as well as color and dye lot information are often also included on yarn labels. The washing and drying instructions are important so that you know how to properly care for your finished item. The color and dye lot information are critical if you need more than one ball of yarn to complete your project, as you’ll want the balls of yarn to match each other. This way there is not a noticeable different when you incorporate the balls of yarn together in your project.

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One Response to “How to Read a Yarn Label”

  1. Judith McCarty

    I just saw this video and information given was really helpful. My question stems from accidentally seeing that this yarn comes from Turkey. The fibers noted are acrylic and Alpaca. Are there Alpacas in Turkey? Peru yes but Turkey? Camels maybe in Turkey but Alpacas? and I think I remember seeing Alpacas are related to camels so, would this be truth in labeling? Just wondering.

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