Mary Beth Temple

Picking Up a Dropped Stitch in Stockinette Stitch

Mary Beth Temple
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Duration:   4  mins

Dropping a stitch in your knitting project doesn’t have to be scary. In this video, Mary Beth Temple shows you just how easy it is to pick up and fix a dropped stitch in Stockinette stitch.


While a dropped stitch can be repaired with the tips of your knitting needles, it’s much easier to work the dropped stitch with a crochet hook. Mary Beth demonstrates how to use both knitting needles and a crochet hook to fix the stitch, but a crochet hook is her preferred method. The gauge of the crochet hook or knitting needle isn’t too important; however, using one that is the same size or slightly smaller than the knitting needle you are knitting with is best. Using a slightly smaller hook or needle makes it easier to get between the strands of yarn to repair the dropped stitch.


To repair the dropped stitch, first catch the dropped loop before it unravels to the cast on. Place the stitch on the crochet hook or needle. Carefully give your knitting a tug from side to side. This allows you to better see the strands of yarn that need to be picked up and worked into stitches. Making sure that you are using the correct strand of yarn, bring the stitch over the strand, to create a new stitch. Work your way up to your needle, making sure to work the next strand of yarn as you create the stitches. Once the repair is complete, the stitch can be placed back on the knitting needle, with the right leg of the stitch in front of the knitting needle.

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