Corrina Ferguson

Fixing Mistakes in Slipped Stitch Projects

Corrina Ferguson
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Duration:   8  mins

You’ve learned all the skills you need to be successful with slipped stitch knitting. The last piece of the puzzle is to learn how to fix mistakes in these interesting stitch patterns. In this video, Corrina Ferguson demonstrates how to identify and correct common slipped stitch knitting mistakes.


To fix mistakes in knitting, a crochet hook is an especially useful tool to have in your notions bag. Corrina looks at several different types of crochet hooks that can be used for fixing knitting mistakes so you can choose the one that’s best for you.


In the first swatch, Corrina demonstrates how to fix a mistake when the strands of yarns that are created from slipping stitches are gathered with a knit stitch on the right side of the work. A crochet hook is a useful tool for working around the strands of yarn to fix the error in the stitch pattern.

Corrina then demonstrates how to fix a slipped stitch pattern that has both knit and purl stitches on the right side of the work. Once again, a crochet hook is used to drop stitches down to the mistake. Due to the nature of this stitch pattern, it’s important to pay close attention to how the stitches are being undone. Some of the stitches that are dropped down to fix the error are slipped stitches and those stitches should not be worked with the crochet hook when working back up to the knitting needle.

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