Mary Beth Temple

Mosaic Knitting: Working in Garter Stitch

Mary Beth Temple
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Duration:   19  mins

Mosaic Knitting is a fun slipped stitch technique that has hundreds of stitch patterns to choose from. These stitch patterns can be worked in both Stockinette Stitch and Garter Stitch. In this video, knitting expert Mary Beth Temple demonstrates how to work a mosaic knitting pattern in garter stitch.


The chart that Mary Beth is following, as shown above, calls for a multiple of 8 plus 3 stitches to be cast onto the needles. She has a total of 27 stitches cast on (8 x 3 = 24; then, 24 + 3 = 27). She is working the pattern with the gray yarn as her dark color (Color A) and the pink yarn as her light color (Color B). She notes that the first stitch on the right edge of the chart will indicate which yarn you will be using to knit. Row 1 has a dark gray square, so she will be knitting with the dark color. For this row, the dark squares are knit, and the white squares are slipped purlwise.

When it comes to Row 2, the same row is worked again, this time from left to right. She knits the stitches on the Wrong Side row since the pattern is being worked in garter stitch. The slipped stitches are being worked by slipping the stitch purlwise with the yarn in the front. When slipping, the yarn must always be brought to the Wrong Side of the work in mosaic knitting patterns. So, when slipping on the Wrong Side, the yarn is in front since the Wrong Side is facing you.

Mary Beth continues working the pattern, working through Row 6. She demonstrates how to attach the new yarn color on Row 3, simply by starting to knit with it while leaving a 4-to-6-inch tail to weave in when the project is finished.

Once you have the basic of mosaic knitting down, there are so many stitch patterns to try. Knit them in garter stitch and you’ll have a nice squishy fabric, perfect for projects like knitted hats and baby blankets!

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