Stretchy Cast On Method: German Twisted Cast On

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Duration: 6:41

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For many projects, it’s important that you have a cast on that can stretch with your knitted fabric. Particularly for the starts of hats and socks, and other things that need to stretch around body parts, using a stretchy cast on can be the difference between your project fitting or not. In this video, Jen Lucas shows the German Twisted cast on, which is a great stretchy cast on to know.

This cast on, also known as the Old Norwegian cast on, is created in a similar manner to the long tail method. The yarn is held in your left hand in the same configuration as the long tail cast on, except you’re going under both strands of yarn on your thumb and then through the loop on your thumb. Bring the needle around to catch the yarn on your index finger. The needle then goes through the loop on your thumb, untwisting it as you come through the loop. Pull the yarn to the needle and you have cast on a stitch. Continue this process for the number of stitches you need for your project.

The German Twisted cast on is one of the stretchiest cast ons you’ll find in knitting. Jen notes that it’s especially useful for the start of baby hats, as that it creates a lot of elasticity at the brim of the hat.