Three Needle Bind Off

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Duration: 6:24

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The three-needle bind off is a method of binding off that is used when you have two pieces of knitted fabric that need to be seamed together. Knitting expert Corrina Ferguson will show you just how easy it is in this video.

The three-needle bind off requires a third needle to bind off the knitting. The needles should be arranged such that the two pieces of knitting go together and are used as the left-hand needles. In the video, Corrina demonstrates working the three-needle bind off when right sides are facing together, having the bind off seam go to the wrong side of the work.


Follow these steps for this bind off:

1. Place two pieces of knitted fabric together as the left-hand needles.

2. Use a third needle to go through the first stitch on both needles in left hand and knit them together as one stitch (1 stitch on right-hand needle)

3. Work the next stitch by going through the first stitch on both needles in left hand and knit them together as one stitch (2 stitches on right-hand needle)

4. Pass first stitch on right-hand needle over the second stitch (1 stitch remains on right-hand needle).

Repeat steps 3 and 4 until one stitch remains on right-hand needle. Pull yarn through the final stitch to fasten off.

The three-needle bind off provides a structured seam, perfect for sweater construction. This bind off is particularly useful for shoulder seams in sweaters. While this bind off is typically worked with right sides facing allowing the seam to go to the wrong side of the fabric, you can create interest in you knitting by working it with wrong sides facing. This allows for an exposed seam.